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Calculate the impact of Isol8 Ca(OH)2 solution ("kalkwasser") on calcium and alkalinity in your system

If you're currently employing our Isol8 Ca(OH)2 to produce kalkwasser solution for system dosing and would like to know the extent to which it's helping maintain calcium and alkalinity values, then please download our calculator.

Need help applying ICP results to your system?

You have had an ICP analysis performed on your system, but how do you assess the results and then accurately apply the tools at your disposal to make necessary adjustments to critical ionic values?  Simple: email us the link or pdf of the ICP report

Our interpretation is comprehensive and there is no charge.

Be sure to include the net system volume, as well as the alkalinity value at the time of drawing the sample if the ICP service does not provide this parameter in their analysis.  Dosing recommendations are automatically calculated.  For the most accurate dosing recommendations, please provide the approximate daily dosing regimen for any Isol8 solutions in use during the 30-day period prior to drawing the sample for analysis.

If you have questions about ICP analysis, in general, then please take a moment to review this article.

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